365 Days of Happiness – March 9, 2017

Today’s happiness practice consists of saying or thinking “I believe…” to yourself, to everything and everyone all day long. There are a couple options in how to do that. Either you can say “I believe!”, which is powerful because it is widespread and open. Or you can say “I believe in …!” and add whatever comes to your mind. “I believe that I deserve, I believe that you are giving your best, I believe that you are healthy, I believe that I am fabulous, I believe that I am love and light, I believe that you are a good person.” And if you embrace and celebrate a religion, you can add that to “I believe in…”. Whatever works for you and whatever you feel like adding is perfect. Try it and feel how your emotional state rises into a high for life when you say it. To feel it stronger, you can close your eyes when you say it or look up into the sky while raising your arms. “I believe!” is very powerful and healing. When you believe, it clears your energy, it lifts everything and it makes space for love, light and happiness. It is magic!

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