365 Days of Happiness – March 4, 2017

This morning, while sitting with our coffees on the deck in the new house we just moved in, a fox ran by, through our yard, just like that. This was an absolute “Wow!!!” moment for me, I was in awe and felt my emotions being elevated into a high for life. I truly was just shown how wonderful Mother Earth and our life we get to experience is. These “Wow!!!” moments can be anything, from a fox running through the yard to enjoying a delicious incredible meal, or from giving birth to receiving a nice compliment. There is no big or small event that gives you this “Wow!!!” moment and feeling. Anything can do it, and it’s very different and personal for everyone. I invite you today to pay attention and become aware of what gives you this “Wow!!!” moment, and when it happens to really stay in this elevated feeling and focus on it. Fill yourself with it, feel it and enjoy it. It’s called happiness! I guarantee you that there are thousands of those “Wow!!!” moments happening for you every single day, and if you notice them, you can fill yourself a thousand times a day with that pure happiness that is given to you as a gift to be aware of. Enjoy!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, a day of “Wow!”

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