365 Days of Happiness – February 24, 2017

Become drama free because, happiness does not exist within drama! Happiness is pure and present when your emotional involvement and focus is solely with your personal state of high emotions, like feeling good, being happy and all other beautiful feelings. That means you don’t involve yourself emotionally in drama or any other low emotional states. Of course you are aware that drama is present out there, but you don’t become best friends with it and you sure as heck are not hanging out with drama. Now, if there is drama and you find that you left your beautiful state of feeling good to join drama, do whatever it takes to get back to your high emotional state. Take a nap, a walk, meditate, enjoy a tea, listen to music that brings you back to your high of life, smile, serve others… Whatever helps you to get back to your happiness. Important, don’t beat yourself up if you joined drama for a bit, take it as a great opportunity to practice getting back to your emotional high state… Enjoy!

Tomorrow is weekend, Saturday and Sunday I am off practicing happiness, I hope you do the same 🙂

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