365 Days of Happiness – February 11, 2017

There is great love and happiness created by asking someone you love to do something very special for you. Like giving you a massage, a foot rub, preparing a bath, tea or food for you, reading a story to you, play piano for you, anything really that feeds your soul and is for you. It is clear that most of this you can do yourself, and sometimes asking someone to do something like that for you can be difficult. But if you move beyond that and ask someone, I promise you that it will create a deep “good feeling” happiness and love in you and for you. And because you co-created that feeling with another person it is infinitely potent. And not only will you fill yourself up with this potent feeling, the other person fills up with it too, and everything and everyone around you fills up with it as well. And that lifts you and all into a “high for life” frequency where everything is possible and beautiful. Try it! Ask…

Tomorrow is Sun-Day and that makes it a perfect day to practice happiness!

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