365 Days of Happiness – February 9, 2017

“Your happiness garden”, what does it look and feel like? Take a moment and ask yourself that. What belongs into my happiness garden? Instead of a garden it can also be a space, a frequency, a vibration, a home, whatever feels right for you. Imagine filling your happiness garden with people, animals, things and situations that fit and enrich your happiness feeling in there. Don’t hold back, imagine big and fill it with all that brings out your happiness. Visualize it, feel it, think it, say it and write it down or draw it. And then keep going in your day, knowing that you stand in the middle of your happiness garden and take every step, think every thought, say every word and act on everything from that middle of your happiness garden. Stop throughout the day and feel yourself back into your happiness garden many times, pull yourself back into it and then keep going. Keep your happiness garden clean, throw out the non fitting and keep bringing in the new and fitting. If it represents happiness for you it belongs into your happiness garden. Breathe this in!

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