365 Days of Happiness – February 8, 2017

Again, playful comes into focus today! Become aware of all the “play and playfulness” in and around you. See it and feel it! Watch children play, pets play, animals play, focus on playful colors, playful food, playful words that people speak. Dress in playful clothes today, eat playful food, drink playful drinks, listen to playful music, use playful words, play with your family/friends and play games today. Feel your body and play with it, wiggle your toes and fingers, shake your hips, knees, arms, move in playful ways. Now feel into your body, feel into the playfulness of your cells, your organs, your mind, your playful flowing blood. Feel the playfulness inside your body, the playfulness of your body and the playfulness outside and around you. Say “I am playful. My life is playful. I live in a playful world.” Doing so puts your focus on play and playfulness and creates the feeling of playfulness for you, and that feeling fills every single cell of you. Feeling and living playful is happiness!

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