365 Days of Happiness – February 6, 2017

“I am alive!” This is your happiness mantra for today. Close your eyes and breathe in with awareness when you say it and think it. An absolute feeling of love, gratefulness and deep power unleashes in you when you take a minute in quiet to say/think and feel this. “I am alive!” activates different experiences and feelings, on one hand it brings on a deep appreciation that you woke up today, that you are breathing right now and that you may live today as a gift. Wow! And on the other hand it brings on a feeling of being free, adventurous, limitless and infinite powerful. “I am alive!” means you can go out there today and live with power and create whatever you wish, because you are vibrantly alive and fully living. It means that you can taste the food as alive, feel the water you drinking as alive, do your job as alive, look at your loved ones as alive, breathe in and out as alive… “I am alive!” means you take life by the fullest and fly as high as you can with every cell of your amazing physical being! “I am alive!” Feel this!

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