365 Days of Happiness – January 27, 2017

“Playful” is the word for today to create your happiness and share it and spread it! ❤ Playful means, walking in a playful way, dressing with playful clothes, eating playful food in a playful way, speaking with playful words, living your day in a playful way, reacting to everything in a playful way and notice all the playfulness around you. When you are upset become playful, when you are stressed become playful, when you are sad become playful… Be playful because your nature IS being playful, you ARE already playful! Whatever playful means to you, there are many ways to be playful, just be playful! If you don’t know what playful is to you, watch children be playful and simply copy what fits you. Jumping up and down while writing this! I am so playful and that makes me happy ❤

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