365 Days of Happiness – January 20, 2017

For many people it seems that today there is no happiness because it is Inauguration Day for Trump. And for some the day is filled with happiness because of it. Same day, same happenings and a very different experience for people. But both sides are basing their happiness and unhappiness on things that are happening outside of them…Not only is that not pure happiness or unhappiness, but it is also exhausting and impossible to stay happy if you base it on anything else than your commitment to be happy in your inside. Sure, you will fill your inner happiness tank as you go with happy things around you, but it starts with you creating your inner happiness tank and planting happiness seeds in it, then pampering those happiness seeds so they grow into happiness plants. And only after that you can start letting in outside happiness to fill your happiness tank more and add on to your own happiness. The focus on today’s happiness is to only look for happiness in your inside. To create your happiness tank, plant happiness seeds and grow happiness plants in your inside… Does not matter what is happening on the outside right now, happiness starts in your inside. It is a fantastic day to practice this, because it is easy to say “I am not happy today because of Trump” or “I am happy because of Trump”. But that is both superficial happiness and unhappiness. Take charge and commit to be happy no matter what! I am happy! ❤

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